Friday, February 1, 2013

Are You Allergic??? 02 8Ball - Allergic Feat. Bun B & Killer Mike [Premro]

As we all know there are many fakes and phonies trying to infiltrate the system but the 'real' always recognizes 'real'! Being from and living in Atlanta there has been an outbreak of people trying to be something they aren't. People constantly represent things they have no clue about or only want to be accepted in.  Be yourself my cliche as it may be that's the only way to stand out, accepted and respected. After all who are you trying to impress? I guarantee whoever it is probably could give 2 craps less about the 'frontin you' and are more interested in how you can help put them on or increase their popularity.  So in the words of Bun B, "don't let hoe niggas and hoe shit take you out of your lane!"

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