Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fly Away...Fly Away

So you are from out of town and you think you are better, smarter, and more refined than the people who welcomed you here? Where they do that at? (Yes, I know don't end a sentence with a preposition) 

There comes a time when "any disrespect and we will make your a$$ fly away," becomes really REAL!  Upon a large increase in transient Atlantans thinking they can arrive in the "A" set up shop and start acting like they run the city has compelled me to remind you fools that, "You are welcome to come. You are welcome to stay but any DISRESPECT and WE WILL make your A$$ fly away!"

Lets be very clear about the fact something attracted many, if not all of you (transients) to the wonderful city of Atlanta; whether through tragedy (Hurricane Katrina), being run out of your own city for poppin' and flexin', or just because you wanted to reinvent yourself (cause you were/are a lame where you are really from). You (transient) heard that Atlanta would be the best place where you could come be embraced, supported, and given opportunities that NO ONE else would give you!!!

Whatever the reason you are here in Atlanta doesn't really matter.  What really matters is that you don't get bigger than your britches and stay in your transient lane because at the end of the day, we started this shissh and we gone finish this shissh-check the history books!!!

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