Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Nation’s Return of the Living Dead!!!

 A Nation’s Return of the Living Dead!!!

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When images such as the one above appear on-line and are circulated in mass format why do we expect anything other than the grim outcomes we (the entire nation) face in the near future.   This nation is mirroring the fictional plot line of ‘The Return of the Living Dead.’ 

Troubled homes, broken relationships, anger and animosity are the only things that are sure to continue to plague us if attitudes and opinions about life and the forward progress of the nation do not change.  Life is more than what we see portrayed in the various forms of media from television to social networking.  Young ladies are increasingly lowering their standards in order to be accepted i.e. Amber Cole.  Young men are purposely not pushing themselves to achieve more.  It appears  they clearly only want to rap and mock the educational system i.e. Waka Flocka. 

This is a problem America! Is not a black problem, white problem, or Hispanic problem!!! We are all responsible and shall be held accountable for our actions towards one another.  We are all responsible for how our children are natured and nurtured.  Children are products of what they see and experience thus if all we can continue to show them is foolishness and buffoonery then don’t chastise them when things go array; take a long hard look at what we have offered them.   According to David Banner and few other more conscious rappers and entertainers people are tired of being fed ignorance and pretending that we like it. 

As we approach this holiday season challenge yourselves to be a better you.  Arise from amongst the dead and challenge your neighbors to be a better them.  Simplify your lifestyle by doing those things that foster healthy relationships.

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