Thursday, April 7, 2011

DEFINITIONS OF STOOPID(stupid)-Women Paying for the "D" is it Low "Self" Esteem or What???

Definitions of Stoopid are the opinions of various idiotic, immoral, and just plain ole stupid sayings, actions, and/or beliefs of everyday "common" folk. Those things that make you say to yourself 'what da hell' These Definitions of Stoopid are solely the view point(s) of SheDot the Stiletto SHE.E.O and do not represent the opinions view points morals or ideals of any of the partners and or affiliations mentioned on this blog site.

Ok ladies its one thing to live out fantasies and its perfectly ok to indulge in the occasional dingleling retreats with girlfriends but it is just down right STOOPID to pay for the "D."  I mean after all paying to have sex with a man or even "keeping" a man (other than your son til he is 18) for companionship or any other reason should be against the MF'n law. Really ladies its almost as outlandish as flip flops in Alaska-I mean you can do it but why would you want to??? If we didnt learn anything from our Mama's and Grandmama's it should have been "make them put money in your pocket book. Not take money out!"  The true essence of a woman is not how much she can do for her man, a man, any man but how she completes him!

Listen carefully since some of y'all missed the lesson from Mama and Granny... this aint devil turned holy roller but this is a swift reality check- You were made from man more specifically from his rib cage thus for all of you lonely women with border line "self" esteem issues remember you were made whole and complete. If anyone is missing something its the man looking to fill his void-that missing rib from his rib cage.  Be Needed not Needy and know the difference!!!( you making us real women work too hard AND look bad step it up)

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