Monday, April 4, 2011

DEFINITIONS of STOOPID (STUPID)-DEAD BEAT BABY "OTHERS" (read:babymama's and daddy's)

Definitions of Stoopid are the opinions of various idiotic, immoral, and just plain ole stupid sayings, actions, and/or beliefs of everyday "common" folk. Those things that make you say to yourself 'what da hell' These Definitions of Stoopid are solely the view point(s) of SheDot the Stiletto SHE.E.O and do not represent the opinions view points morals or ideals of any of the partners and or affiliations mentioned on this blog site.

Parents i.e. "baby others"(moms/dads) If you say over and over again that you are balling, taking pictures with wads of cash (on facebook) basically straight STUNTIN' but you haven't paid your child support-you are not WINNING!

Parents people please understand if you ball out of control and experience all of life's luxuries should not your children be able to experience the same? After all don't flex to the world about "WINNING" if you are truly a "LOSING" parent.  Beyond luxuries are life's essentials i.e. education, nurturing environments/relationships, food, shelter, clothing etc. If before now, modern times, they thought it took a village to raise a child why would this time require anything less than 2, a pair, a team. Time is priceless and therefore moments with your offspring (a direct reflection of yourself ) should be cherished beyond any dime, dollar, or good time. 

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