Monday, March 14, 2011

"Can't Stop No Playa" Atlanta's Bass Music Revival

There are several elements that make up being considered a "Living Legend" Carl Lovell Sledge, Walt "Numbers# Ent." Reddick & yours truly Demetria "She.E.O. your stiletto C.E.O" Hines, prepared the 1st installment based on certain criteria 1. HUMILITY 2. RESPECT 3. CHARACTER 4. IMPACT 5. FAN BASE and 6. ERA/DECADE!!! Thank you fans, artist, media, and most imprtantly the A-TOWN!!! We would like to thank everyone who showed there support at the first A-TOWN LIVING LEGENDS CONCERT.  ALL the artist LIL WILL, DA ORGANIZATION, MC SHY-D, RAHEEM DA DREAM, KILO ALI, DJ JELLY, and special thanks go out to MR.COLLIPARK-DJ SMURF, DJ TOOMP, and to all the staff who helped us put ...this thing together. And lets not forget MUDDY WATERS GROUP. THANK YOU ALL!
Check out some of the footage on the link below...

A-Town Living Legends Concert 3/11/2011-BigMouthMagazine

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