Friday, February 25, 2011


Since hilarious comedian Katt Williams instructed us that if we didnt have any haters we werent doing our job SHEdot has been taking in stride and living by that very notion.  It is clear to me that I am doing a whole lot of something right because my haters hate is mounting into extreme! The craziest part about is they have no clue the motivation it brings to me.  People will always talk about you-thats a given. But when people who you were once close  with and/or shared personal thoughts and feelings with are now your haters; the pinch/sting is little bit more intense as to if they were the perfect stranger.  Well let the record state  I am very grateful for my haters and soon to be haters more specifically the two who are at their hating peek right now here is a special note: I am not the reason you are not where you want to be! I am also not going to allow your bitter thoughts and feelings taint my world or forward progression.  At the end of the day we are reponsible for our own actions please be the bigger person and admit the part you played in the situation.  Outcomes arent always favorable but at least a humble spirit well lighten the load and make it easier to bear.  So from this moment on I am done with it, all is forgiven, no love lost-but do know my tounge I will note bite forever, "so be careful of the words you speak for you never know from day to day which ones you will have to eat!!!" author unknown

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